Individualized Reproductive Care

Fertility challenges can affect a wide array of couples, each with different treatment needs. Individualised Reproductive Care optimizes your individual chance to pregnancy & reduces the risk of undesirable effects. Considering that fertility treatment can consist of many different drugs alone or in different combinations, at LifeSure, we adapt treatment protocols according to your unique needs.

Patients often make their way to LifeSure after wasting time and money pursuing fertility treatments elsewhere without success. Sometimes, a critical diagnosis has been missed, and far too often, patients have been prescribed a standard course of treatment that didn’t meet their needs. Our fertility doctors provide fertility care differently. They focus first on accurate diagnosis, which enables them to create individualized fertility treatment plans that will maximize your chances of success.

There are no cookie-cutter treatment plans at LifeSure. 

You will receive the personalized attention that you deserve, including the most advanced fertility testing available and a custom-tailored treatment protocol that is designed with your goals and timeline in mind.

The key to our individualized fertility treatment plans

Our doctors believe that accurate diagnosis is the foundation of developing individualized fertility treatment plans to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

At some fertility centres, patients experience the same standard, chronological treatment plan that starts with trying a few cycles of oral fertility medications, moving up to intrauterine insemination and finally, going through the process of IVF. With this approach, many patients spend months trying costly fertility treatments that have little chance of success, only to experience disappointment time and time again.

Conversely, some fertility practices jump directly to IVF. While IVF can be a great way to boost success rates, there are more affordable fertility treatments that may work just as well.

Getting the diagnosis and treatment right the first time starts with comprehensive fertility testing of both the male and female partners, which may include diagnostic imaging, blood work, semen analysis and physical examination.

Our fertility doctors have specialized training and experience to analyse the results of your fertility testing, pinpoint any infertility issues and create individualized fertility treatment plans designed to achieve your family-building goals in the shortest possible amount of time, for the lowest possible cost.

  • Determine the right treatment for you, right from the start
  • Eliminate wasted time and money on treatments that aren’t right for you
  • Provide more effective treatment, which means better results in less time
  • Utilize advanced protocols and state-of-the-art laboratory services to maximize your chances of success

Get it right, right from the start

Whatever you envision for your future family, our thorough approach to diagnosis and treatment gives you the best possible chance for making your dreams come true. If you’re ready to take the next step toward expanding your family, we can help.

To learn more about our individualized fertility treatment plans, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our fertility doctors.