Success Stories

It took us five years to finally meet our baby boy. He is everything we dreamed he would be and more, and he justifies all the heartache we had to go through to get there. The IVF process has been swift and straightforward, the support invaluable and the whole experience with Lifesure Fertility Clinic was more like a holiday than a treatment. Their service is first class yet good value for money, which is very important when you have already spent thousands on fertility treatments in other places. Most importantly, what feels like a complicated process becomes manageable. We were used to failing, so being successful on our first attempt was a wonderful outcome! Thank you again Lifesure Fertility team, and soon we’ll definitely be back to make number 2! 

(Matthias and Claire)

We did a lot of clinical research for our IVF treatment, and finally We found Dr. Daniel Zaake. This was our first try and we were very satisfied with the doctor's qualifications and the service of the staff. The staff were very attentive and we could always reach them and we never had any communication problems. This left us with a positive impression that everything was fine in the facility. I did not feel like I was in the hospital throughout the treatment, thank you very much, I will definitely come back to you again for my second baby.

(Aaron and Linda)

We'd like to thank Lifesure Fertility Center and to say to all the team who are working there that we are really grateful for all the support you guys gave us, we have received the best service that a hospital could give and thanks to Allah first and through your guys help we had our beautiful baby boy, so thumbs up and, keep it up. 

(Jeff and Connie)

After our first IVF cycle success we naively thought it would be easy to achieve success again – not true! After two further failed cycles, and quickly losing momentum and faith, we discovered Dr. Zaake and Dr. Kayiira of Lifesure and what a find that was. Together with their support, we are now expecting in April. Their instructions are clear, their availability at the end of the phone and prompt replies to any enquiry are second to none.

(Edward and Rachel)

We are having a boy! All is fine so far and I’m 22 weeks now with a proud bump! We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support and advice before, during and after our treatment at Lifesure. Your professional service, and the unbelievable treatment we received, have truly ‘completed’ our family unit. There are not enough words to say thank you, and even those two words seem too small for such a gift we feel we have been lucky enough to receive. I’m so thankful I came across your social media platforms and that our paths crossed when they did.

(Emma and Peace)

A friend of mine advised me to meet Dr. Anthony Kayiira while I have been suffering from infertility for 9 years. All my infertility work-up was performed by him at Lifesure Fertility and Gynaecology Center without any problem. He took care of me and my husband at each step of evaluation and treatment. The procedures and the success rates of treatment modalities were thoroughly explained. Thank God, I became pregnant upon IVF and very happy with this experienced medical staff led by Dr. Anthony Kayiira.